«Abonent Donetsk» - our web site offers you a good range of real estate, namely apartments in Donetsk and the current level of content. Here you will find a number of suitable solutions for your everyday activities or for the planned trip. We make a lot of efforts and monitor the condition, maintain cleanliness, order, perform regular updates in order to enable you to rent an apartment in Donetsk and were satisfied. We are not an agency, so daily rent apartments in Donetsk will cost inexpensive. The main priority for us today is the quality of our service. European standards are acceptable to us, and we continue to work in the apartments for rent Donetsk and improve, first of all, for our customers. In practice, use a complex method of work, as we believe it is quite comfortable and modern. In case you need to organize a meeting on arrival and delivery to an apartment in Donetsk. Note that we do not believe this approach is a must, but only offer our assistance in organizational aspects. Reservation or booking apartments in Donetsk on our site will take you a minimum of time. The apartment is booked by phone or send a request by email. We would like to note that for your convenience, any of our apartment with internet wi-fi, no matter the cost or the complete set. Our catalog contains the following modification of apartments: studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom. Relevant factor when choosing a location we believe. Accordingly, our apartments are located at a distance of 5 minutes from each other, and that Kalininsky and Voroshilovskiy district, the center of the city. If you're shooting at us one apartment, for example, the Universitetskaya st., at Artem st, Donetsk City, Ilicha avenue, prospect Dzerzhinsky or Constitution Square, in any case, the apartments are located close to each other. We hope that this decision will be useful for you and demand. We try to keep our apartments Donetsk became the second home for you.

«Abonent» - looking for an accommodation in Donetsk for rent by owner!

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